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Title: Service Design for MICE Unserved Needs in Chaengwattana Area A Case Study of STARRY Hotel
Authors: Saranpat SUWANNAKUL
สรัลพัชร สุวรรณกุล
Attama Boonpalit
อัฏฐมา บุญปาลิต
Silpakorn University. Graduate School
Issue Date:  10
Publisher: Silpakorn University
Abstract: Exhibitionat IMPACT MuangThongThani, ChaengwattanaArea is one of the MICE industries that is a stimulus to Thailand’s economy as a whole. There are a number of accommodations surrounding Muang Thong Thani that can serve all exhibitors and attendancefrom large, medium and small scale. In addition, Chaengwattana Areaม especially Muang Thong Thani is high in competition because there are many projects and competitors in this area called as Red Ocean. A study aimed to create an unserved needs services guideline for business hotel in Chaengwattana area and used a concept design that conform to a stained-glass company named STARRY. Moreover, instead of competing within Red Ocean with existing market leader of at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Chaengwattana Area, this research focusing on creating unique services design products and profiting from unserved needs market space used a Blue Ocean as a strategy such as create and capture new demand from new perspective also make the competition irrelevant. The objectives of this study are 1) to know the customer’s insight and needs when choosing the accommodation in area of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani and Chaengwattana. Secondly 2) to create the service design programming of business hotels for unserved MICE exhibitors and customer around Chaengwattana area. The research also conducted by using qualitative methodology through literature review, questionnaires, indept interviews with participants and focus group and used service design process as a research framework.The research result has found that the unserved needs are 1) Logistic Consult 2) Office Supply such as co-working space 3) storage. However, the consumer behavior of exhibitors who come from other areas are quite different from those local exhibitors in many aspects. This is because they need to stay in the hotel for a long period of time due to the fact that most exhibition lasts for several days and sometimes more than a week. In the past, there was no study of the behavior of this particular group of consumers, especially on factors affecting the choice of accommodation and hotel. Moreover, shuttle bus transportation, the travelling time from the hotel to the exhibition venue should not exceed 30 minutes. Therefore, having a shuttle service available in the hotel is very satisfiability for them. Multifunction space or room is appropriate to earn extra income to the hotel. The conclusion and recommendations of this study are purpose to suggest the new service guideline for hotel in Chaengwattana area not only for exhibitor who come to IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, but also including people in Chaengwattana area who look for a new space that suitable for their life style.
Description: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
ศิลปมหาบัณฑิต (ศล.ม.)
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