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Title: The Perspectives of  Into-Plane Fuelling Staff  on Accident Causation and Effective Factor of Accident Reduction : A Case Study of Bangkok  Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited
พันธ์อร ชัชวาลย์พันธ์
Naritphol Boonyakiat
ณฤทธิ์พล บุณยเกียรติ
Silpakorn University. International College
Keywords: Accident
Employee’s Perspective
Into-Plane Fuelling Service
Issue Date:  17
Publisher: Silpakorn University
Abstract: As the accident affects the organization’s loss, particularly economic loss, including reputation damage, the organization attempts and seeks the method of accident reduction or prevention. However, the organization is currently facing with accident problems in workplace. This leads to the conduct of this study of 255 respondents at Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited with The purposes of this study (1) identifying whether there is the different perspective on causal factors of accident between all groups of Into-Plane Fuelling workers by lengths of service (2) exploring the contrastive viewpoint on  effective factors of accident reduction between all groups of Into-Plane Fuelling workers by lengths of service and (3) providing some suggestions about safety enhancement This study uses quantitative research and the result is discovered through ANOVA analysis, there is no different view on accident causation in regard to the organization and environment factor, although there are some different perspectives on two items of human factor, that is, inadequate skills or experiences and younger worker that are more concerned by adult staff than young staff.  Finally, this study explores that all groups of Into-Plane Fuelling workers have the same viewpoint on the opportunity for workers to participate in risk managing of their own work tasks and the motivation of safe behavior, however they have different perspective on safety awareness, that is, adult staff more concerns than young staff.  For the effective factor of accident reduction in relation to the organization, all groups of Into-Plane Fuelling workers have the same opinion on the rule restriction, Concept of Fact Finding, regular training courses, training of new equipment. However, they opine in different way, that is, more adult workers than young workers advise that the most effective factors of reducing accident in workplace are a training course of unexpected problem solving and the Opened and Respected Communication. Meanwhile, more young workers than adult workers view that the most effective factors of mitigating accident are Concept of Non- Punishment, the regular safety activity and update and easiness of procedures.
Description: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
บริหารธุรกิจมหาบัณฑิต (บธ.ม)
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